About Me

Marissa Stewart was born and raised in Toledo, OH. She is currently based in Columbus, OH and her practice is surrounded on the ideals of black families, matriarchal lineage, race, health, aging and oral history. Her work is born from a want to engage her audience in questioning their way of thinking by creating work that forces quiet contemplation and active reflection into one's self. To explore the voids that take root in these ideas and to experiment with storytelling. She uses traditional photographic techniques  -black and white film, darkroom processes, and gelatin silver paper as well as, archival photographs, and color film.

Stewart completed her BFA in Photography from Bowling Green State University in May 2018. She received her MFA in Photography and Integrated Media from Ohio University in 2022.


Email: Marissanicolestewart@outlook.com

Instagram: marissanicolestewart

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